Haelo Pod 6-pack


Support your wellness in every stage of the day! Haelo Pods are designed to rest inside of the Haelo OR attach directly to your skin. The strength of the aromatherapy Pod can be adjusted by placing it higher or lower within the Haelo using the adhesive backing.

3 custom essential oil blends, Breathe Deep, Breathe Joy, and Breathe Calm, are ready to join you any and everywhere you’re seeking aromatherapeutic support.

🌱 Prepare for the day with ‘Breathe Deep’, a blend of eucalyptus and bay laurel. Opens your airways and clears congestion!

🍊 Brighten your mood throughout the day with ‘Breathe Joy’, a blend of citrus

😌 Relax and soothe with ‘Breathe Calm’, a blend of lavender and chamomile

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Breathe Deep Eucalyptus Bay Laurel
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Breathe Joy Citrus
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Breathe Calm Lavender and Chamomile
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