Aroma Haelo Kit


Say hello to your new sidekick, Aroma Haelo, the first face mask specially designed for the enjoyment of therapeutic essential oils anytime, anywhere. Simply insert an Aroma Haelo Pod and put the Haelo on. ☺️

🌱 Prepare for the day with ‘Breathe Deep’, a blend of eucalyptus and bay laurel. Opens your airways and clears congestion!

🍊 Brighten your mood throughout the day with ‘Breathe Joy’, a blend of citrus

😌 Relax and soothe with ‘Breathe Calm’, a blend of lavender and chamomile

We use Aroma Haelo to support wellness & safety in every stage of our day. The Haelo itself features a CDC compliant, two-ply, 100% cotton panel from ear to ear and is soft with a slight stretch, allowing it to be worn comfortably all day if desired. Sizing is adjustable with the use of the included Aroma Haelo button.

Each season we craft the Haelo’s color and mantra based on the happenings in the world around us. Our Fall/Winter 2020 design is inspired by essential workers who have pressed through and pressed on for us all. Seeing essential workers pressing on leaves us with inspiration to do the same, so this design includes the mantra, “breathe deep 2020 🙏 press on“.

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1 × Aroma Haelo
1 × Breathe Deep Eucalyptus Bay Laurel
1 × Breathe Joy Citrus
1 × Breathe Calm Lavender and Chamomile
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  • Made in the USA!
  • The Aroma Haelo Kit includes 1 adjustable Haelo and 3 aromatherapy Pods
  • 100% Cotton / CDC Compliant / two-ply from ear to ear
  • Logo tagline reads “breathe deep 2020 🙏 press on”
  • Hidden internal pocket designed for Aroma Haelo Pods
  • Sizing: Adjustable with Aroma Haelo button