Breathe Deeply with Aroma Haelo Face Cover

Giant Leap of Faith

Starting a business is a giant leap of faith.

After a life-changing flight in January of 2020, our founder took that leap and began to write the business plan for Aroma Haelo.

Suddenly, the world was in crisis facing the pandemic of Covid19. Every day was more terrifying than the last. It became uncertain whether Aroma Haelo’s aspirations would become a reality.

Into the Unknown

News of Covid19 became bleak. Many chose to table their business plans until the economy was less uncertain. The obstacles were daunting, sources of capital shrinking, supply chains swamped with orders for PPE. Who would start a business amid the chaos?

A Call for Justice in Crisis

After gathering enough resources to get by, our home city of Minneapolis erupted in protest. After the murder of George, Floyd protests sparked a global cry against anti-Black racism and police violence. The national guard descended as buildings were set on fire all over our city.

Our headquarters became a refuge for friends who lived in the areas of the city most affected. Zoom calls that began with pleasantries changed to concern. Neighborhood signs that read, “We’re all in this together” are now coupled with  signs that say “Justice for George Floyd.”

We tried to work through the hopelessness, but the aspirations for Aroma Haelo began to fade to the background during the crisis.

Challenges weren’t only in Minneapolis, manufacturers declined to requests for a quote stating our design was too complicated or materials were unavailable. We had no response from funders after following up week after week. There was no foreseeable path forward, and every justifiable reason to give up.

Press On

One evening our founder noticed prototypes, drawings, and fabrics abandoned at the end of her dining room table. Distracted by the sound of her children’s’ laughter coming from the other side of the room. One of her kids had an Aroma Haelo sample hanging from his neck, and lifting his tiny nose in the air breathed in the aromatherapy blend still lingering on the inside. She forgot she made a sample for him to try with our eucalyptus blend. She remembered his reaction, “I could wear this all day, I love breathing in the smell!  Are you going to sell this mom?  Lots of people will buy it!”.

We found the courage to send another message to funders before giving up and received a response!  “There is an urgent need for Aroma Haelo and the time to launch is now”.  Our application was approved weeks later!

All Fell into Place

Other details began falling into place.  So far we’ve secured funding, completed branding, and began the process of securing manufacturers.

Today we are proud to share our launch story and introduce Aroma Haelo to the world, because not so long ago this felt like an impossibility.

We hope our story gives you the courage to Press On in these difficult times. We are excited to contribute in our small way by offering more than an inspiring story but a superior face cover you can count on for safety and wellness.

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