The Future of Face Masks

on a flight home…

Imagine boarding a flight home from vacation and nestling into your window seat. A couple quickly joins your row and a woman sits beside you. She kindly initiates small talk to ease the tension. She’s a great middle-seat passenger, takes only half of the armrest, and speaks quietly to her husband seated on the other side, not disturbing you as you read or sleep.

Midway through the flight, you notice she begins to writhe in her seat a bit. Shortly after you can hear her stomach gurgle and then a distinct aroma wafts into your direction and hovers in your airspace. The aroma matches the discomfort she’s experiencing which is far from pleasant.

Time passes but the cloud that hovers doesn’t. You begin holding your breath, taking in only sips of air. You can tell she is embarrassed, trying to cope with her discomfort. Eventually, you gave in and turn on the fan above you. The fan pushes the direction of the smell away from your face. You gasp for fresh air and relief but cannot shake the feeling of frustration,.This is a situation neither of you deserved; this lovely woman didn’t deserve to deal with her discomfort on top of feeling embarrassed, and you didn’t deserve to feel trapped in a cloud of unbreathable air.

The Aha Moment

You’re kicking yourself for not having your typical travel companion, a large scarf, and Lavender essential oil, which you would normally use in this case. You didn’t bring them because you traveled to a warm climate and it would be too bulky. When you return home, you became more obsessed with what happened to you on the flight. You’re determined to find a solution. Maybe a scarf like an accessory,  you could carry easily that also provided the relief and comfort of aromatherapy would work? You begin piecing together prototypes and drawing patterns.

Finally, after a month of obsessing, you have your first prototype and a name for your product and brand: Aroma Haelo. The product is a light accessory when worn down lying beautifully along the clavicle. When worn up it holds taut along the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. It drapes from the tip of the nose to the clavicle creating ample airflow. Aroma Haelo comes with small aromatherapy pods filled with high-quality custom blends that can be inserted in a hidden pocket or placed anywhere with the use of the medical-grade adhesive on the back.

Finally, a face-covering for safety and wellness

Together the kit provides the safety of a face mask to protect from outside pollutants along with the added luxury of genuine aromatherapy. Aroma Haelo can travel with you anywhere you go, as a stylish accessory and a powerful protective aromatherapy tool.

Weeks after, your life is turned upside as the global pandemic and crisis of Covid19 brought life as you knew it to a complete halt. Aroma Haelo is no longer a simple travel companion but a much-needed alternative to the N95 face masks our medical professionals needed which were being hoarded by a public in panic.

The Future of Face Masks

Aroma Haelo is the self-care and wellness accessory so many of us need during a time of crisis and unrest. It is the alternative to restrictive gaiters with aromatherapy to ease the anxiety and tension we face each day. Aroma Haelo is a reminder that caring for ourselves is the most courageous thing we can do in times of uncertainty. Self-care is what we need and deserve.

This story isn’t make-believe, it is the origin story of Aroma Haelo.

We invite you to join our Cause for Self-Care. Be the first to pre-order the Limited Edition Aroma Haelo, available in Fall, 2020. Imagine how awesome that would be!

Breathe Deeply.


Aroma Haelo