A Face Cover for Safety & Wellness

From the material used to make Aroma Haelo, the design that makes it comfortable to wear all day and the added luxury of aromatherapy, we are confident there is no other Face Mask that can compare.

We designed Aroma Haelo to fit taut across the cheekbones and nose bridge when worn on the face and to drape beautifully along the clavicle and sternum when not in use. The patented design allows for ample draping between the nose and the sternum so there is always an accessible reservoir of air to breathe. Designed as a CDC compliant face-cover, Aroma Haelo has a two-ply panel from ear to ear, meaning it provides the same if not greater protection from pollutants than a traditional hospital mask, without the painful ear straps or the restriction and stuffiness. Aroma Haelo is as convenient as a Face Gaiter or Face Buff which has become a popular replacement to face masks. Aroma Haelo is designed with the added protection of 2 ply panel design and the comfort of a draped fit instead of the skin-tight fit of mass-marketed, sports accessories.

Aroma Haelo is made with natural fibers, this is critical because, polyesters and other plastic fibers do not breathe well, in fact, polyesters are known as attractive homes for bacteria. Aroma Haelo is made with natural fibers including organic cotton, merino wool, eucalyptus, and bamboo viscose. These materials are washable, naturally antimicrobial, and biodegradable. Aroma Haelo is designed to fit around the face similar to a face gaiter without losing its shape or becoming stretched out like many face gaiters in the market today. The high quality of the materials and design provides invaluable peace of mind, knowing you have an accessory that provides you with protection and comfort.

The patented aromatherapy pods that accompany Aroma Haelo are designed to provide wellness and care. As we researched,  we realized my own use of aromatherapy was backed by many scientific studies and clinical trials. We had experienced personal relief from inhaling the essence of simple essential oils like Lavender and Eucalyptus without knowing those effects are proven, so much that hospitals around the world use aromatherapy to ease symptoms from stress and anxiety to asthma and insomnia. Aromatherapy is the most studied, proven homeopathic practice in western medicine and we harness the power of its effectiveness with Aroma Haelo.

My experience with aromatherapy has been passive with the use of diffusers, candles, or oil placed on the chest or cloth, however, those applications are not direct or controlled in any way. By creating an enclosed environment, Aroma Haelo becomes the most effective aromatherapy accessory in the market today. Our high quality, custom aromatherapy blends to support your wellness at every stage of your day, Breathe Easy, a blend of eucalyptus and bay laurel, opens your airways and clears congestion preparing you for your day, Breathe Joy, a blend of citrus, lifts and brightens your mood throughout the day and Breathe Calm, a blend of lavender and chamomile, helps you relax at the end of the day or anytime you need its soothing effects. The power of these blends is exponential when we are exposed to them in an enclosed environment which is why Aroma Haelo is the must-have wellness accessory of the 21st century.

It is clear Aroma Haelo is the #1 Face Cover for safety and wellness and sets the standard for what face coverings should offer, not stigma, fear, or anxiety but protection, convenience, and genuine peace of mind.

Join our cause for self-care and get early access to the limited edition 2020 Aroma Haelo available Fall 2020.

Breathe Freely.


Aroma Haelo