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A face mask for
safety & wellness
no stuffiness. no restriction.

Patented, CDC Compliant Design

  • Aroma Haelo face-cover stays in place on the cheekbones, creating space to breathe freely around the nose and mouth.
  • Our stylish design, features double-ply, cotton prioritizes safety in the front with a single layer in the back for comfort.
  • Aroma Haelo has a unique inside pocket for Aroma Haelo Pods, aromatherapy inserts that provide genuine therapeutic benefits.

Made with biodegradable materialsAntimicrobial

Proven Aromatherapy Benefits

  • Our Aroma Haelo Pods are 100% natural, clinical grade essential oils, the highest quality available
  • Each pod is a small disc with a single-sided adhesive
  • Aromatherapy is recommended by medical professionals, proven to aid in the alleviation of symptoms from congestion to anxiety

Natural fragrancesMedical grade adhesive

Customize your Aroma Haelo Experience

  • Each Aroma Haelo comes with 3 Aroma Haelo Pods, one for each blend: Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Citrus
  • Place your Aroma Haelo Pod in the inner pocket for a stronger scent
  • Use the Aroma Haelo Pod adhesive to affix lower in your Aroma Haelo or place the pod directly on your skin for the lightest scent
  • With or without the pods, enjoy Aroma Haelo’s all-day comfort


Aroma Haelo™ change the stigma of face covers from fear to wellness.

“Jogging with Aroma Haelo™ is better than a face mask, it’s easier to breathe and the Aromatherapy makes a huge difference.”

—Joe, Minneapolis, MN

CDC Compliant, Aroma Haelo™ has two layers of natural cotton, no plastic or polyester.

  • COVID19 is hard enough, a face mask shouldn’t add stress, it should remove it.

  • Haelo™ = Happiness

  • “I can wear my Haelo™ all day, it’s light and breathable with the added luxury of aromatherapy.”

“Aroma Haleo™ is the future of face masks. We are proud to offer a premium product that serves community safety and wellness.”

—Aroma Haelo


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